Papers and Abstracts

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  • Link, K.E., et al. (Under revisions, 2024) Longitudinal deep neural networks for assessing metastatic brain cancer on a large open benchmark. Nature Communications.
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Selected Abstracts

  • K. E. Link, A. Abid, A. Ezerzer, J. Ren. (2022, August) Lessons learned from peer-to-peer education: an international trend in medical AI. Association for Medical Education in Europe Conference.
  • K. E. Link, A. Abid, A. Ezerzer, J. Ren. (2022, August) Empowering medical students with peer-to-peer learning: case studies in medical AI education. Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Conference.
  • K. Link, R. Gala, J. Gornet, S. Kinn, R.C. Reid, S. Sorensen, U. Sumbul. (2018, December) Machine Learning Techniques for the Automatic Segmentation of Sparse and Dense Neurites. Allen Institute Showcase Symposium.
  • K. Link, K. Hirokawa, N. Graddis, B. MacLennan, C. Lee, S. Chatterjee, S. Sorensen, J. Harris (2018, July) Moving towards the Single Cell Projectome: A Multi-Modal Approach to Assessing Single-Cell Morphology and Connectivity for Classification of Layer 2/3 Neurons in Mouse V1. Computational Neuroscience Society Conference.



  • US20210391039A1 - Data analytic approach to personalized questionnaire developments


  • US20210391086A1 - Latent Factor Structuring of Psychopathology
  • US20210383936A1 - Network Architecture In Psychopathological Symptomatology
  • US20220068476A1 - Resampling EEG Trial Data